Six things I found out from Odyssey

1.    How much it would change my career path
I signed up for Odyssey after completing an undergrad degree in world economics. After my Odyssey year (and after seeing how rewarding working with kids could be), I went back to university and signed up for teachers’ college!

2.    How independent I would become
The program pushed me to take matters into my own hands—from finding housing from a distance to working in a school where I was the only one in that particular role—and become more proactive and independent.

3.    How it would turn out to be the hardest thing I’d ever done
While leaving home for Odyssey was very hard, leaving my school, my colleagues, and my students was even harder! The bonds we have created are lifelong.

4.    How much I would learn
I expected to help teach students about my language and culture, but I learned so much more from them! They taught me to act with love and compassion, to smile, to live in the present moment, and to forgive and forget.

5.    How many people I would meet
Before leaving on my Odyssey, I figured I would spend most of my time with my colleagues and students from school. But working only 25 hours a week, it turned out that I had a lot of free time. I volunteered, tried new hobbies, did fun activities, and had a part-time job on weekends. I got to meet so many locals and enjoyed my time there that much more!

6.    How much it would change my life
I signed up for Odyssey to gain some work experience, improve my second language, and live in a different part of Canada. However, I never expected to meet and marry the love of my life! It’s been many years since I participated in Odyssey, but I still live right here, where my Odyssey brought me. Not only did I fall in love with my partner, but with the language, the culture, and most of all, with this quaint little corner of Canada as well.

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