Registration is now open!

The registration period has begun. This means that between now and February 28, 2017, you may submit an application to the Odyssey program either by:

• clicking on the “Sign up/Sign in” link at the top of this page;
• clicking on the “Click here to apply!” under the Apply tab; or
• clicking on the “Click here to apply!” button on the right-hand side of this page.

Click here to read the seven steps to applying!

Filling out the application in a way that it will stand out to your provincial or territorial coordinator can...

After the interview

After the interview, your provincial/territorial coordinator will let you know whether or not you passed your interview. If you were successful, your file will be forwarded to the coordinator of your host province or territory. This still doesn’t mean that you have obtained a position.

Upon receiving your file, the host coordinator will review it and decide to either offer you a position or place you on a waiting list. If you are placed on a waiting list, don’t despair! You may still hear about an opening over the summer.

Best of luck!


We would be happy to answer your questions about Odyssey. Tell us how to contact you and we’ll be in touch.