Salary and hours


As a language assistant, you will work 25 hours per week during normal school hours, Monday to Friday, from the beginning of September through the end of May.


You will receive a taxable salary of $25,000 (around $25/hour, or $2,700/month, for 25 hours per week) for the nine months of your work term.

You could also receive allowances for two return trips between your home province or territory and your assigned community if you have to move more than 200 km away from your home province or territory to work. These allowances are paid regardless of your actual travel plans (i.e., you will receive them even if you do not return home for fall/winter holidays).

Travel allowances paid at the beginning and the end of the employment period are not taxable. However, travel allowances paid in December and in January are taxable. Travel allowances are fixed amounts. Consult Appendix B in the Odyssey Administrative and Financial Guide.

Since you will be receiving a salary, you will be responsible for your living expenses, including housing.


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