What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is an opportunity to dive deep into another language and culture while sharing your own; travel and explore Canada; earn an income and get professional experience. Under the supervision of a teacher, you will use games and other activities on a daily basis to motivate students to learn more about English as a second language. You will have the opportunity to share your culture, drawing from your personal experiences. You will also share the unique linguistic features of your home region through art, music, stories, local expressions, and humour, and make a difference in the lives of young people. By the end, you’ll have helped young students to broaden their knowledge of Canada and develop a passion for language learning, all while having fun! Become a role model; join Odyssey!

Why should you participate in odyssey?

The Odyssey program doesn’t only benefit the students you work with; it will help you grow and learn as well. While you work helping students develop their oral communication skills in English, your Odyssey will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in la francophonie au Canada. You will live in a francophone community where English is likely to be the minority language, which will give you the chance to develop your own fluency in French as you interact with the community. Beyond learning the language, you’ll discover more about the many different cultures that make up French Canada.

Interested in seeing whether working in a classroom and the field of education is right for you? Through Odyssey’s training sessions and your relationship with your teachers, you’ll build and sharpen valuable skills that are transferable to your career or elsewhere in your life.

The Odyssey Language Assistant Program is a paid, professional work experience that involves travelling to Quebec or New Brunswick to work with students for nine months. Earn over $25 an hour while gaining valuable work experience in a classroom setting!

Let your Odyssey begin!


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