Training sessions

Pan-Canadian training session

Get together with over 300 other first-time Odyssey adventurers to make new friends, build a network, learn strategies, and develop activities before you start your work experience. Before the start of the school year, usually in late August or early September, language assistants participating in Odyssey for the first time attend a compulsory Pan-Canadian Training Session. The objectives of the Pan-Canadian Training Session are:

  • to give you a better understanding of your role as a language assistant;
  • to provide you with pedagogical tips and techniques to prepare you to work with students;
  • to introduce you to your Odyssey support network; and
  • to provide you with training from our expert workshop leaders.

Provincial and local training sessions

In addition to the Pan-Canadian Training Session at the start of the school year, you will subsequently get together with fellow language assistants from your host province/territory for one or more training sessions in order to exchange ideas and your best activities, share your successes, and discuss how to overcome challenges.


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