Emir Topalovic - Donnacona, Quebec

My name is Emir Topalovic and I am the language monitor in Donnacona. It is a smaller town of about 6,000 people with a lot of beautiful scenery and wonderful people. The secondary school is really the highlight and pride of this small community as it welcomes students from the surrounding regions and offers sporting activites and festivals throughout the year. Working in this school has been a wonderful experience as the teachers are very hospitable and ready to help in anyway possible while the students are very accepting and eager to learn and speak English.

My contact was in large part responsible for this great experience. She helped me adjust to the school and the community and she even let me stay in her apartment until I found a place to live. On the subject of accommodations, there are rooms and apartments available in the town, but the choice is limited so it is a good idea to search in advance. Overall, my experience here was great and I would recommend to anybody planning to do this program in Donnacona to brush up a little bit on their French before arriving here, as it will be of enormous help in terms of connecting with the students and the community.


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