Personal anecdotes by Inge Marie Pedersen for Odyssey 2009-10

I first became interested in the Odyssey program because I needed to improve my French. At that time, I was preparing to apply to teachers’ college and I couldn’t finish my application due to the fact that I wasn’t confident enough to teach French, even with an Honours French degree. I needed a full-on French cultural immersion experience.

I work in a high school called Curé Hébert in Lac St-Jean with 450 students from levels secondary one to five. I work with five different English teachers and I am gaining tips on how to conduct a classroom and teach effectively by watching them in action. I am learning how to adapt different teaching styles to students’ different learning styles.

This experience is giving me more than I bargained for. Not only am I learning everyday spoken French but I am also gaining a wide range of second-language teaching skills. I am developing a more realistic view of teaching and I have a lot of respect for teachers. I am aware of how challenging teaching French to teenagers will be.

I am very grateful for this opportunity because it will open, and has already opened, many doors for me for my future teaching career. I give thanks to Odyssey for allowing me this opportunity and for the training and motivation provided by the hardworking and dedicated staff. I am getting diverse, hands-on training for the challenging field of education that I will soon be fully embarking on. I am looking forward to bringing a piece of Lac St-Jean culture back with me to share with my future Grade 7 and 8 core-French students.


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