Kathleen Lynch, from Sarnia, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia
Kathleen Lynch, from Sarnia, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia
Kathleen Lynch, from Sarnia, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia
Ontario to Nova Scotia

I left the town of Sarnia, with its 80,000 inhabitants, for Halifax, a city four times as big, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. I never expected that people here would be so friendly; they all seem to know one another. What struck me was how polite they all everybody was here. You just have to step off the sidewalk, and drivers stop their cars to let you cross the road safely. It took me no time at all to feel right at home here, the only difference being that, here, all the restaurants serve seafood, and everyone is a sailing enthusiast!

I live with my boyfriend, who’s studying law at university. I’ve made new friends. You’re constantly surrounded by beautiful people here. No matter where you go, there are always opportunities to develop solid and meaningful relationships.

After completing my degree in international development, I wanted to earn some money before embarking on my master’s. I’m currently working at Shannon Park Elementary School, in Dartmouth. I have 3 classes every day, for a total of 15 classes a week. I play with the kids; we read; and we have activities involving vocabulary, computer, and phonetics.

I really like to work with children, especially if they have difficulties I can help them with. I was surprised at what I learned from being with them. I discovered that communication isn’t only about words. You can express so much through a gesture, your body language, or a look. And I discovered that I was able to speak in public!

But, what I mostly understood is that I’m able to do so many things, if I put in the effort! My bilingualism, experience, and the skills I acquired will open a host of doors for me professionally. That’s the story of my odyssey.

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